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Two ESET malware researchers took to the LABScon stage this year to deconstruct sophisticated attacks conducted by two well-known APT groups

The lineup of speakers at this year’s edition of LABScon featured two ESET malware researchers who took to the stage to deconstruct sophisticated attacks conducted by two well-known APT groups.

On Thursday, Zuzana Hromcová delivered a talk on two cyberespionage campaigns that OilRig, an Iran-aligned threat group, conducted throughout 2021 and 2022. Both campaigns, OuterSpace and JuicyMix, targeted Israeli organizations, which is in line with the group’s focus on the Middle East, and both also used the same playbook. The research was also published on WeLiveSecurity and make sure to give it a read here:

OilRig’s Outer Space and Juicy Mix: Same ol’ rig, new drill pipes

On Friday, Filip Jurčacko spoke to the security community about a sophisticated backdoor that ESET named Deadglyph and that has been deployed by the Stealth Falcon APT group. ESET found the backdoor during routine monitoring of suspicious activities on the systems of high-profile customers, some based in the Middle East region. For more details, watch the video and also make sure to read the research piece on WeLiveSecurity:

Stealth Falcon preying over Middle Eastern skies with Deadglyph.

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