Mixing cybercrime and cyberespionage – Week in security with Tony Anscombe

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A crimeware group that usually targets individuals and SMBs in North America and Europe adds cyberespionage to its activities

It’s rather rare to find a cybercrime group that ventures into cyberespionage, which alone makes new ESET research all the more interesting. According to ESET experts, a cybercrime group known as Asylum Ambuscade – which usually targets individuals, SMBs, bank customers, and cryptocurrency traders in North America and Europe – has added cyberespionage to its activities. The group has been spotted taking aim at government officials in several European countries bordering Ukraine and earlier also government officials and employees of state-owned companies in Central Asian countries and Armenia.

Make sure to read our blog to find out more: Asylum Ambuscade: crimeware or cyberespionage?

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