SparklingGoblin deploys new Linux backdoor – Week in security, special edition

Cyber Security

ESET Research first spotted this variant of the SideWalk backdoor in the network of a Hong Kong university in February 2021

ESET researchers have published their findings about a Linux variant of the SideWalk backdoor, which is one of a number of custom implants used by the SparklingGoblin APT group. This piece of malware was first detected by ESET in February 2021 in the network of a Hong Kong university. The same university had previously been on the receiving end of attacks by SparklingGoblin during student protests in May 2020.

Watch the video with ESET Chief Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe to learn what there is to know about this ESET research. For a full technical analysis, head over here: You never walk alone: The SideWalk backdoor gets a Linux variant

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