World’s First Car Was Not The Ford Model T, It Was This One

Have you ever wondered who invented the first car? If so, then this is a must read for you.
The idea of a car was envisaged to bring down the burden for human and animal labours and also to invent something cost effective. Through the eras, engineers, scientists and inventors have worked towards different means of propulsion. The first car was designed by Francois Isaac de Rivas in 1808, where he used hydrogen in the internal combustion engine. Later Siegfried Marcus, developed the first gasoline powered engine attached to a four wheel cart. Following that various other engineers developed and modified the car prototypes they made.

It was then in 1885, where Karl Benz developed and patented the world’s first ever motorcar. During his younger years, while riding his bicycle, he started to envision concepts for a vehicle that would eventually become the horseless carriage. At first, he concentrated on devising a two stroke‚Äč engine for bicycles and started progressing towards his dream, meanwhile also patenting alongside his invention that paved him the way to build the first motorcar. All along his journey, he faced immense failure and heart break but it didn’t deter him. He continued to toil. He with his two other peers, founded the company Benz & cie. The success of the company gave him the opportunity to work towards his dream. He created an automobile, featuring wire wheels with a four-stroke engine of his own design between the rear wheels, with a very advanced coil ignition and evaporative cooling rather than a radiator. Power was transmitted by means of two roller chains to the rear axle. Karl Benz finished his creation in 1885 and named it the Benz Patent Motorwagen. It was the first car ever designed to run on its own, devoid of other power sources which lead him to being considered as it’s inventor.

One of the interesting stories attached with this, is, the first long journey driver of the motorcar. It was none other than his wife and business partner, Bertha Benz. Without telling her husband and without the permission of the authorities, she drove her sons from Mannheim to Pforzhiem, becoming the first person to drive an automobile for a long distance.
Decades later, Benz & cie merged with the DMG family becoming the world renowned organization, Mercedes-Benz.

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