Why Suzuki Is A Ricer

All car lovers appreciate a good looking tuned car. However, a small minority of car lovers have a different perspective regarding how cars should look. In fact, looks are all that they care about. They would spend huge amounts of cash on non-sense cosmetic upgrades like stripes and lights to make their cars look faster, however, they would spend little to no money on their car’s performance. They are called ricers. RICE stands for Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements. Apparently, all the ricers are hired by Suzuki, as we are now going to prove with the help of this car called the Alto Turbo RS.

To start with styling, it gets lots of chrome. Chrome is present in the form of a strip connecting the two headlamps. The headlamps feature chrome along their perimeter, there’s chrome on the grille, and on the rear, there’s a single large chrome strip slapped across its width. It also has a spoiler on the rear, despite the fact that it is a front wheel drive. Basically, your performance will worsen with speed. On the sides, it has ‘go-faster’ stripes that have the word ‘turboRS’ inscribed in them.

Since the name has terms like ‘Turbo’ and ‘RS’, it stirs some emotions.  Pop the bonnet, and you are welcomed by a strut bar to reinforce the chassis. However, the actual performance is not at all impressive. It is powered by a 3-cylinder 0.66-liter engine that produces 64hp@6000 RPM and 98Nm of torque. 0-100kmph time is a not so good 12 seconds.

The interiors are not what you’ll call sporty either. The instrumentation cluster is basic, shifting knob is offset towards the driver side, the door pockets are relatively large and the glove box too is big on storage. Features include a climate control, heated front seats, a basic media player, electric ORVM, radar brakes and ESP.

So, does the car live up to its Turbo RS badging? No. However, once you start looking at it as a small family car, and it would all start making sense. The remarkable safety features that this car offers are a rarity on a budget hatchback like this one. Also, a smaller engine means more mpg, this one would do around 25kmpl. Therefore, the Alto Turbo RS, despite its badging is ultimately a family car, and not a performance oriented machine, as Suzuki claims it to be. What do you think of this car? Let me know in the comments.

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