Upcoming Chevrolet Truck To Feature Tech From F1 Cars

When Chevrolet unveiled the Colorado SUV at the Auto Expo, it gathered a lot of attention. It was bigger than anything that Indian market had seen to move people, except a full size bus or a Tempo Traveller (don’t even care to Google that shit, it’s depressing). The thing is, in the Indian market, even the largest of pick-up trucks are size of most American sedans. The Colorado at the Chevrolet exhibit screamed USA. It was big, bold, rugged and just to show how confident of a SUV it really is, it was orange in color with twin black stripes. Obviously Chevrolet wanted people to see it. And many did, even though Chevrolet also had the Stingray on exhibit. Well then, what does such a promising SUV offer? Read on.

For most of the part, when people in the US think of going over other vehicles to get clear of highway traffic jams, which I am certain, in pure American fashion  they do,  they think of purchasing something like the Toyota Tacoma or the segment dominating Ford Raptor. However, Chevrolet wants to prove that Colorado can do the same too. Hence it comes with some technology otherwise found on F1 cars. This technology is called a spool-valve shock absorber. What it does basically is that it automatically adjusts itself to the best setting for your driving conditions. When on the highway, it becomes squishier, and when going over something significant, like a mountain, it’ll toughen up, all by itself.

Some more off-roading features include electronic locking diffs, a locking transfer case, cast-iron control arms, and a wider track. It also comes with hill descent and an off-road driving preset.

The engine options will include a 3.6-l V6 producing 308bhp and 423Nm of torque mated to an eight-speed transmission.  The 2.8-l Duramax diesel option is also available giving out 181bhp along with a torque figure of 567Nm. The diesel motor spreads its power to the ground via a 6-speed automatic transmission. It will comfortably pull 2.2tonnes of load and the bed will hold up to a total weight of 500kg, meaning that carrying around your couch-potato son just might turn out to be a problem. To make the truck look ‘cool’, because that’s what is most important to truck owners, it has a spare-tire carrier for the bed just the way they have in trophy trucks, because why not?

By now, it might be clear to some that the Colorado cannot match the prowess of the Raptor, but then, it is not meant to. It is put into the category of the Tacoma, and will be priced below it. So that’s a good thing then. Are you excited to see the Colorado on the road, too? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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