These Two New Cars Just Might Start A Civil War In Germany

Germany is home to some of the largest automobile companies of the world. Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, BMW are just a few of the automotive giants residing in this country. It is then very natural for the people there to have their favorites, or in other words, sides that they support. For a long time, one of the major disputes going around was the choice between a Merc and a Bimmer. As in most of the cases, this civil war too, took many interesting turns.

Mercedes updated their flagship S-Class, giving it the new ‘Sensual Purity’ design, which was a new design theory for the automaker. Needless to say, the world loved it. The S-Class established itself as the best car in the world, the perfect automobile. While Mercedes was celebrating its success, the folks at BMW were working overtime to launch a counter-attack in the form of an all-new 7-Series. And in 2015, they launched it, and the world was stunned by its looks. The 7-Series had such road presence, and yet it looked elegant. It was both, bold and beautiful at the same time. But, the Stuttgart folk knew that a counter attack was imminent, so they had already toughened up their defenses by giving the C-Class the ‘Sensual Purity’ treatment too. BMW retaliated by launching the 3-Series.

The battle has since then been a back and forth one, with no side doing major damage, until the October of 2016. Mercedes dropped the all new E-Class in January of 2016, thinking that it has delivered the coup-de-grace. But the boys at Munich ensured that it was not to be. BMW revealed a refreshed 5-Series in October. Therefore, it is now up to these two models to decide that which side has come up with a stronger big-three. Needless to say, things are bound to get really interesting really soon.

Keep a look out for our blog as the articles on the BMW 5-Series and the Mercedes E-Class would be coming out soon. Let me know which side you think is winning currently in the comments below.

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1 Comment

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    Yeah that’s what I’m talking about bacn–yibe work!

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