SCG004S Is What Happens When You Build A Road-Legal Racecar

Usually what happens is that companies come up with powerful cars and then put them into races to prove their performance. That is why we see BMW M3s and Ferrari 458s on racetracks competing against other racecars with the same specs. Now, let’s turn our attention to the most grueling race of the all, the 24h of Le Mans. A 24h long race during which cars complete a distance greater than the entire Formula One season. If a car, built for the purpose of racing in the Le Mans, is made into a road car, what do you get? Of course, the SCG004S.

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is a race team which is now producing the 004S. The 004S would be further developed to race in Le Mans. In true racecar fashion, the 004S will be all about weight saving. It will get a carbon-fiber  monocoque chassis and a carbon-fiber body as well.

Just like the legendary, iconic and revolutionary brainchild of Gordon Murray, the McLaren F1, the SCG004S will also see a three-seats-two-rows treatment on the inside. The driver will sit in the middle in front, while there will be two seats on either side behind the driver seat. This is done to get a perfect weight distribution, crazy.

The obsession for performance of the guys at SCG has led to a 004S that has 640hp thanks to a twin turbo V8, and capable of producing 720Nm of torque. And a weight of just 1,180kg. Which is lesser than most cars out there; for comparison, the current generation Volkswagen Beetle weighs 1,340kg.

If you think that the immense power and torque, when coupled with the low weight will lead to traction issues, think again. Just like the Ford GT, the SCG004S uses overstressed haunches on its side to direct air flow over the rear. The rear aero has no gimmicks like air-braking and doesn’t pop up. It is there at all times, because it needs to be, the SCG004S is a racecar after all.

And one last thing, if the design of the SCG004S reminds you of a fish (it does), remember that they are good at cutting through water (really good).

The production will begin in late-2018. SCG plans to multiply its production to 250 cars/year by 2020. With the electric car future soon coming near, let’s see how it works out for them. It can’t be THAT bad for SCG since they have won races in the ‘Alternate Fuel’ category. Meanwhile, let us know what you think of the SCG004S in the comments.

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