Renault Shocks Everyone With The New Symbioz | Detailed Report

It’s no news, the electric car race is on. The days of gasoline engines are soon coming to an end and there is now a rat race among all the car manufacturers to saturate the market with their products. Electric cars of the future have been focusing a lot on autonomous driving. Six levels of autonomous driving have been devised, 0, the lowest means that the car has no control over itself and everything is left for the driver to handle. Level 5, the highest one means that the car is fully capable of driving itself and needs driver involvement only if the driver wishes to have it. Renault looked past this, and came up with something even greater than sharing the seating space with the car, sharing the living space.

While everyone is busy developing electrically propelled products, Renault has thought one step ahead. Renault truly has foreseen into the future way past everyone else. Every car out there is designed with the user in mind. The dashboard layouts, seating positions, instrument cluster layout, gear knob position, etc.  are all designed so that they are convenient to use. However, for the first time, a car has been designed with your ecosystem in mind, too.

Renault has found ways in which our cars can be integrated with our living space, and our living space with our cars. Renault has showcased this concept tastefully in the Symbioz. Renault in fact, has marketed the Symbioz as an extra living room, as can be seen in the video below.

The Symbioz is a very versatile machine. If you wish to use it like any other car on the road today, you can. It will seat four, crunch away miles and provide you with all necessary information at a single touch. The instrument cluster and the center console and the infotainment system will all be contained within a single large touch screen, there will not be many buttons and dials. Instead of having rear view mirrors, it will have cameras. If you wish to use it like a futuristic gadget, you can do that too.

The Symbioz can surely do normal, but it is not here to do that. It is here to revolutionize the way we travel. The Symbioz can power your home, and take power from your home for its needs, too. It is being marketed as an ‘extra living room’ because it is just that. While driving, the front two seats can swivel around and then the car essentially transforms into a lounge. The car’s autonomous systems take over and the car drives itself to its destination, and it can in fact park itself at its designated spot too, from where you can directly get off it and walk into your living space.

The Renault Symbioz is not just all-show, it can go like stink.  The 72kWh battery pack provides the Symbioz with 483bhp and 550Nm of torque. One might expect it to beat most sports cars at the local drag strip, however there is apparently a huge downside to all the tech, weight. The Renault Symbioz weighs in at 2.2-tonnes.

Renault has been at the forefront of technology. Let’s not forget that they built the Espace, the world’s first MPV, creating an entirely new genre of cars single-handedly. The future of motoring is changing right now, with manufacturers coming up with their own versions of what the future might hold. What the future will be is, however, subject to which manufacturer’s vision dominates the market. Time is the only way to find out what awaits us, then.

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