The New Ford EcoSport Is Here And Has Everything We Wanted

The Ford EcoSport started the compact SUV segment way back in 2013. And the EcoSport also dominated it almost entirely right up till 2016, when the Brezza ate a large chunk of its market.  The EcoSport was a great package, it had the space, the power and the tech.


However, it was starting to become dated. The minor facelift may have helped the EcoSport in the looks department, but the real problem lay in the features list. You could be paying upto 12 lakh rupees for the top of the line EcoSport and yet you would miss out on projector headlamps. The infotainment system provided was also comparatively dated, and had just the Ford SYNC software in the age of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

And then there was the problem of the turbo lag in the previous EcoSport. Wheelspins would be common when pulling out of the driveway and the turbo lag was awful. Stop and go traffic was also not easily tackled. The solution to all this? The all new Ford EcoSport.

1. Design

The Ford Ecosport was always a smart looking car, and even though it didn’t need a new face, we don’t find anything to complain about in the new one. The front now features a large chrome grille, which is a family trademark. And then there are the large fog lamps mounted high on the front bumper. The sides and the rear are more or less the same, which is not a bad thing. Overall, the design looks more American now rather than European, which seems to have been the objective.

2. Interior

Thankfully, the interiors are still European, because we all know how ‘good’ the American fascia are. What you notice first inside the cabin is subject to what you look at first, because everything on this side of the EcoSport is brand new. The Ford EcoSport now gets bucket seats, body-colored plastic inlays, and a much needed touch screen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The centre console now looks less cluttered and has an air of sophistication to it, which is what you’d expect in a car of this segment.

3. Larger Wheels

The ride quality of the old Ford EcoSport was not harsh, however it still was a bit on the stiffer side. The ride quality on the new EcoSport has improved drastically thanks to the new 17″ wheels. A lot more of the undulations present on the tarmac are now absorbed by the tyre rubber itself.

4. NA

The best way to fix turbo lag? Get rid of the turbo altogether. That is what Ford says anyway. The new Ford EcoSport debuts the Ford line of naturally aspirated Dragon engines. The idea is still the same, small size – big power. Though the displacement has increased from 1.0l to 1.5l in Dragon engines, they still manage to produce 123hp, just 2hp shy of the turbo Ecoboost motors. What this means that all of that power is available from the the get-go. No more waiting for the turbo spool, all that power is just there now, eager to be let out. This also has lead to an aesthetically clean engine-bay.

So there’s our list of what we wanted to see the most on the new Ford EcoSport. Also, starting with the EcoSport, every new car can be rated by our community at the end of every article, because your opinion matters. Make sure you leave your thoughts on the new EcoSport in the comments.

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