Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Landing On 28th Of September | What Updates Has It Received?

The Suzuki SX4 was the first B-Segment sedan that became immensely popular in India. It was the definition of what B-Segment cars should be. Rather than offering just extra space and modern styling, it was laden with features that were unheard of in this segment. Unfortunately, Maruti Suzuki discontinued it in India a few years ago, however, one of it direct successors can still be seen on the Indian roads.

The S-Cross is actually a crossover version of an European hatchback, and that hatchback is the hatch version of a sedan in turn. Which sedan, you ask? The SX4. No kidding. So basically, S-Cross is the crossover version of the hatchback version of the SX4, get it? In fact, the hatchback version of the SX4 also has participated in some rallies. Really.

The S-Cross is the first premium crossover from Maruti Suzuki. It is a good car, but nothing spectacular. For a crossover, it has a lot of road presence, and gets an appreciable amount of features to justify its cost. The big headlamps and grille, in addition to the wide footprint make you want to give way to the S-Cross on the road, it is imposing for sure, not more than other cars in its segment, like the EcoSport and Creta, but certainly way more imposing than the Etios Cross, i-20 Active and the likes.

The old S-Cross was getting, er, old. So, Maruti Suzuki didn’t think twice before launching a refreshed one. The new S-Cross comes out on the 28th of September, and does get plenty of changes.

For starters, the large headlamps have been redesigned to look more European than ever, and the grille has been chromed out and now gets vertical slats rather than the previously featured horizontal ones. The bumpers, too, have been reworked to give it a more muscular look. Overall, the design has been touched to make the S-Cross look more butch. This is also evident from the fact that the side arches have been made more prominent than earlier and feature visible sharp creases.

As for the Engine options, most of the engines are expected to remain the same. However, according to the teaser on the official Nexa site, there will be a new engine on offer, the SHVS 200 DDiS engine. Another teaser at the bottom of the website suggests that there will be machined alloy wheels available.

The interiors will see their fair share of changes, and the infotainment system is sure to get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, like all cars under the Nexa brand.

Many of the details here are yet to be issued by any other website, stay tuned for more exclusive news.

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