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The easiest way to distinguish one type of car from the other is by observing the body shape. They can also be classified according to where their engine is placed with respect to the body, or what their source of power is.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s stick to the most easily observed features of a car, it’s shape and design.

Hatchbacks: These are distinguished by their tailgate which opens vertically up and almost the entire rear-end of the cars opens up to provide access to the cargo area.

Liftbacks: The rear door has a more raked profile and lifts more horizontally than vertically.

Notchbacks: This is a modification to the 3-box style wherein the third box is not so pronounced.

Saloons: These also feature the 3-box design, however, there are separate compartments for the engine, passengers and storage. These type of cars come in the 5-door configuration.

Coupé: These come with a fixed roof and are shorter in length than sedans. They feature 3 doors.

Convertibles: They have a top which can be opened. The extent to which the top opens varies from model to model.

SUVs: The term ‘Sport Utility Vehicle’ is applied to light trucks which also double up as family vehicles.

Mini-Vans: These are high roof vehicles with spacious interiors. Also called MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle) and MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle).

Crossovers: A crossover is a SUV built on a small car platform for added ride comfort and nimbleness.

Wagons: Feature a 2-box design similar to what a saloon would be with an extended roof. The cargo space can be increased by eating into passenger space. Come in 7-seat or 8-seat configurations.

Pick-Up Trucks: Feature a closed cabin with an open cargo area in the form of a bed. Initially saw use in farms, however, today are mostly used as passenger vehicles.

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