Lina- The Bio-Composite Car

Car that runs on Bio-composite
What? Really? Are you joking? These are the things that comes into our mind when we hear about a Bio-composite car. It is no fiction. The students of Eindhoven University of Technology has made it a reality.
With the inception of electric cars in the automotive industry, vehicles have become more fuel efficient and the emission of green house gases are on a decline. Car manufacturers are opting for resources that are more sustainable unlike aluminum and carbon.

The students at the TU/ecomotive have created history by inventing the world’s first bio-composite car. The team consists of 23 student of various engineering disciplines, guided by a 7 person board. The team successfully unveiled their car ‘Lina’ on the 17th of May this year. The special thing about this car is that, the interior, the chassis and the body work are all made of natural materials. The car is extremely energy efficient and weighs less than 300 kilograms. The core material is a honey comb structure made of bioplastic, derived from sugar beet, which are enveloped in a sheet made on the basis of flax seeds (which grows abundantly in Netherlands). The Bio-composite resembles fiber glass, in terms of the strength-weight ratio, but made in a more sustainable way. It reaches a speed of 85 kilometers per hour.

The car has also been certified by the Netherlands Vehicle Authority as roadworthy and is viable to carry four people.Currently, the team aspires to research on the production process and test the market. They are crowd funding through their website for research funds. Though the chances of getting into the automobile industry is quite on the hard end, the future of bio-composite cars are on the brighter side.

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