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The Latest Land Rover Does Not Have A Roof

A convertible Land Rover Range Rover? Really? Well, don’t be so surprised. I mean, if you look at it, many of the earlier Land Rovers had those canopies that could be taken off. The case of the Evoque Convertible is the same, too, somewhat. Earlier, the roof went off to mount a machine gun, now it goes off to get some wind-in-your-face action. Enjoy peace while it lasts, and living with a convertible Evoque just might be the best way to enjoy it.

One might ask, why Land Rover would go for a SUV like this. Well, if Nissan can come up with vehicles like the Juke and the Murano CrossCabriolet, anything is possible. Look at it this way, the same company has come up with cars like the GT-R and the Murano CrossCabriolet, Land Rover making the Evoque a convertible is still a very sane decision in comparison. Now that the Evoque doesn’t seem so senseless, let’s start with its most important bit, its styling.

When up, the roof has good form and looks well supported and tensioned, which it should be considering that it is made by Webasto, the same guys doing their art on McLaren and Ferrari models. There are no major changes up front, and on the rear too nothings stand out much, apart from the lip-spoiler and the blacked-out diffuser.

According to people at Land Rover, the Range Rover is for all seasons, therefore one expects it to go off the road too every once in a while. It has the Terrain Response system, four-wheel drive, wade sensing, hill descent and the likes. Performance-wise it is no rocket, a 2.0-liter 178bhp turbo-diesel engine is available along with a 238bhp petrol motor. 0-62 times for both are almost same at 10.3s and 8.6s and 121mph and 130mph are achieved by the diesel and petrol motors respectively.

Interiors are more or less carried over. You have the new 10inch multimedia system, leather, heated seats, self-park and all that. However, expect to pay good prices for the luxuries being enlisted.

Think winters, think bright sunny days and think lots of exploration. What you have in your mind right now, is the same image that Land Rover had for the Evoque. I say winters because I am from a hot equatorial country, you might be looking at some time of the year, or the entire year, whatever suits you. What I mean to say is that the Evoque isn’t so impractical after all. What do you think of the Evoque? Let me know in the comments below.

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