Which cars being sold in India have automatic emergency braking? |Q&A

Automatic Emergency Braking is present in many high-end cars. But I’ll take the Volvo V40 as an example because of what it does to ensure the safety of the pedestrians, and not just the occupants.


At speeds between 5–50kmph, the auto brake feature would bring the car to a haltin case a collision is imminent. It won’t work if you provide feed with the steeringor manually apply the brakes to give full control to the driver.

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It has been designed to prevent an accident if the driver has lost concentrationand is not aware of what lies ahead. This system can be combined with the Pedestrian Detection system also.

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There was a video which shows the auto-brake feature failing in a Volvo. However, further investigation revealed that the car in the video wasn’t equipped with the optional Pedestrian Detection system. And nobody got hurt. And no one was a Volvo official.

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The Pedestrian Detection system is an optional extra which can identifyindividuals along the road and will stop an accident from occurring.

However, if the accident does occur, Volvo has a solution for that also. When the car detects that a collision has occurred with a pedestrian, it would lift the hood up just a little and an airbag would be deployed for the pedestrian. Yes, for the pedestrian.

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At an ex-showroom price of roughly ₹27lacs, the V40 is the safest hatchback on Indian roads.

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