Brand New SUVs Coming To India In 2018 | Part 1 of 4

Jeep Renegade

Crowded roads, ill-regulated traffic and soaring fuel prices in India have never stopped us from buying them, so why stop that trend in 2018? Here’s a list of new SUVs coming to India this year. Every SUV listed here would be hitting the Indian shores for the first time in 2018. This list does not contain new facelifts of currently existing SUVs in the market. However, this list DOES contain new generation models that would be replacing the currently available SUVs in the Indian marketplace.


Audi Q2

Word is out that the Audi Q2 would be coming to India this year. When launched, it will go head to head with the BMW X2, the Mini Countryman and the Volkswagen Tiguan.

What about the launch date? I heard that it was going to be unveiled at the 2018 Auto Expo?

The launch date is not yet out, and the rumors that it will be unveiled at the Auto Expo can be thrown in the bin, since Audi did not show up this year.

What are its specifications?

The Audi Q2’s specifications can be compared to what the A3 currently offers. To keep costs low and comparable to its direct competitors, like the Tiguan, the 1.4 L TFSI Petrol and the 2.0 L TDI Diesel units, both good for 148bhp and mated to a 7-speed DSG gearbox, are expected to arrive. A 1.0 L TFSI Petrol engine, with 114bhp and 6-speed manual may also be on the cards.

Audi Q5

Revealed in early January, the Audi Q5 is the second generation of the successful SUV launched back in 2011. The prices in India start at roughly 50lacs. Though everything on the current generation Q5 is brand new, the engines have been carried over from the previous generation model.

The Audi Q5 is currently available with just a 2.0 L TDI engine with 187 bhp and 400Nm of torque. It might feel a little less power for the price, but the Q5 does get the Quattro technology, so there’s not much left to complain about.

And then there are the little stats like…

It’s 0-100 time, 7.9 seconds, putting quite many sedans to shame. And its mileage, 17.01kmpl, beating almost every luxury SUV out there.

mahindra s201 suv 2018

If you were an automotive manufacturer, and you bought an Italian design house, like Pininfarina, what would you do?

The most obvious thing is to get them to design a car for you. However, Mahindra, after acquiring Pininfarina, had different plans. They looked towards the Korean manufacturer Ssangyong and are about to release the S201.
The S201 is based heavily on the Ssangyong Tivoli and would be available as a 5-seater sub 4-meter SUV and also as a 7-seater full size SUV.  Mahindra also plans to debut new engines along with the S201, so stay tuned.

Tata Q501 SUV

It is no news, Tata acquired Jaguar-Land Rover some time back, here’s the first child of the Tata JLR group:

The Tata Q501 is based heavily on the Discovery Sport, and would be priced alongside the Tucson. So essentially, we will have a Land Rover at the cost of a Tucson. That can’t be a bad thing, can it? Also, add to this the fact that this is going to be Tata’s new flagship model, so, we can be assured that this is the direction Tata is going to take for its future models too. Tata will basically be revealing its future plans and design theory with the Q501.
Launch dates are still something to be speculated, as we have no official word from Tata yet. A mule was caught testing recently, hence, a launch can be expected between June-September, 2018.

Jeep Renegade

Yes, the Renegade is coming to India. Don’t be fooled by its proportions or looks, this little crossover can go places where only big SUVs would be able to.

How is that, you ask? Take a look at its specs.

The Renegade Trailhawk is like a 10-year old on steroids and high-protein diet. It comes with Selec Terrain Traction Management System which lets you choose from four different surfaces – Snow, Sand, Mud and Rock. It also comes equipped with the Jeep Active Drive and Jeep Active Drive Low 4×4 systems which enable the Renegade to switch between 4×4 and 4×2, depending on its requirements. What they also provide the Renegade with is a 20:1 crawl ratio. Yes, it will tow your house. Also on the list of features is the Hill Decent Control; its name pretty much sums up what it is supposed to do.

 jeep renegade interiors

 Now let’s take a look at the Renegade’s Interiors:

The biggest party trick on the Renegade is the Command View dual-pane sunroof. If you don’t fancy a glass sunroof, you can always remove it on the Renegade, seriously. My Sky is the name given to a neat removable sunroof on the Renegade, twist a key, pull a lever, and the roof panels are ready for storage in the cargo area.

The front seats are heated and the driver seat gets 8-way power adjustment and also power lumbar support. The steering wheel is heated too, though for our weather conditions, we really need a cooled one. In the name of creature comforts, the Renegade gets an 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system compatible with U Connect, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also features two-zone climate control, a nine-speaker BeatsAudio sound system, and an instrument cluster that will display what you want it to.

When does it hit the Indian shores?

Soon. June is the expected time of arrival for the Renegade and with Jeep doing great in the crossover department, it is highly likely that the Renegade will be dropped in our country too.


More details regarding the above cars will be revealed only when they are tested in their India-ready specifications on our roads. Till then, hold on tight for the next parts in this series.


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