BMW X2 Is Finally Here And Totally Looks Like The Concept

Two years, multiple spy-shots, a prototype-reveal and several rumors later, we finally get to see the production-ready BMW X2 in flesh. The BMW X2 was revealed in the 2016 edition of the Paris Motor Show and turned heads because of its design. Not only because it was so striking and fresh, but also due to the fact that it featured a new design for the iconic BMW signature ‘kidney grill’.

New headlamps and kidney grille on the X2 point at BMW’s future designs.

The BMW X2 might be higher up in the BMW hierarchy in terms of nomenclature as compared to the BMW X1, but in reality however, it is in fact smaller than the X1. They both share the same platform underneath, but once all the body panels are in place, the X2 comes out as being 81mm shorter and 71mm lower than the X1.

No sloping roof the X2, just the simple flat roofline.

The world of cars is a very diverse one, every car community seems to have its own set of likes and dislikes, which are often contradictory to those of another car community. However, if there is one thing which is universally appreciated by all car-people, it is when car manufacturers succeed in making the production model look very close to the concept design.

Taillamps more befitting an Alfa than a BMW, but we won’t complain.

That is exactly the case with the BMW X2. Things like the headlamp design, and the new kidney grille seemed improbable to make it into the production model, however, they did. Even the BMW logo on the C-pillar can be found on the 2018 BMW X2. The wheel arches, the shoulder lines and the front bumpers have all been carried over from the concept.

Interiors on the X2 have been carried over from the X1 because why not?

The insides of the X2 are almost identical to those of the X1. The good news is that the X1’s interiors were more than just impressive. BMW took the already good-looking interiors of the X1, and attached a new steering to go with the funky and youthful design theme of the X2.

19-inch rubber a part of the M Sport Package.

BMW logo on the C-pillar, just like we saw on the concept in 2016.

As an option, the M Sport X Package is available which equips the X2 with larger 19-inch rubber, adaptive dampers, M Sport aero and  M dampers. It also includes paddle-shifters, a race-oriented transmission, and different bumpers and design elements.

The X2 will be launched in mid-2018 and most probably come to India too, however, expect larger tires as standard on the X2 to better suit our road conditions. Prices remain TBA.


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