Audi Q5 to take the Indian market with an upper hand

The 2017-18 Audi Q5 is a beautiful amalgamation of luxury and serviceability, one that could very easily act as an enormous source of attraction to all. This very series contains a versatile locomotive that allows you to function in varied ways. The Audi Q5 series brings a whole new level of fineness and grace with it, which in itself is tough to match for most of the competitors. The rich interiors, and THE most advanced modern features ensure a comfort ride, as well as satisfy the needs of passengers and guests.


This sophisticated crossover SUV lineup presents a grand fashion, renouncing the brand Audi. With the 2018 Audi Q5 , Audi presents it’s customers with a luxurious, compact SUV with a perfect combination of handsome and heroic at the same time. From a classic styling extending throughout the cabin to the multiple abilities this model offers. Including a seamlessly sliding rear seat, which enhances the comfort level, the Audi Q5 model has accompanying features of

  • ventilated front seats
  • navigation system including a voice command sensor
  • Audi Connect with mobile Wi-Fi integrated to it
  • heated and cooled cup holders to provide a comforting experience


Studded with the new and upgraded fixations with all of these additional features, Audi Q5 provides the premium look and feel that crossover buyers crave. Supporting a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine, mated to a 7-speed gearbox, the power delivery is quite linear. The cabin is well furnished and atop its dash sits a 7-inch infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay  and Android Auto. With these, comes an option of 8-inch display, and a 12-inch driver-facing gauge cluster. It also comes with automated emergency braking and a power liftgate.

Performance is nothing short of amazing with a 0-100 time of 7.9 seconds. The all new Ventilated disc brake systems allow the Audi Q5 to stop efficiently. Not just to other companies but to even itself, Audi Q5 just might be a new benchmark due to its packaging. The Audi Q5 is way better than its younger sibling, the Audi Q3, with an automated driving system, high speed performance, and a ventilated disc brake system. Audi Q5 being highly fuel efficient and styled differently takes an upper hand over the other models.


Launching this January in 2018, Audi Q5 is all set to blend in the new year zeal. This will be the manufacturer’s first launch of the year, and will replace the tremendously popular current generation version. The first gen model which was launched in 2011, and now the newest of all models, defines the rather graceful ageing of the Q5 line. The new SUV is all set to light the stage ablaze with it’s comforting and soothing features befitting luxury sedans. With the company’s reputation at stake and the added pressure of looking forward to continuing the age-long legacy, Audi is all set to launch the new SUV, the Audi Q5 this new year.




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