About Us

Most of the car community has to socialize in an environment where cars are often objectified. Many of you might think that we have gone bonkers, maybe we are, but we fail to see cars as mere objects. There’s more to cars than just slapping on some shiny wheels and putting obscene stickers on the rear glass.

There is a very specific group of people who have more or less the same ideology as us, yet people like us have to read car reviews that only normal people might enjoy. So we took to the internet, searching for a car website that a car lover might like, a website that puts forward the bad bits of a car in a polite manner. Unfortunately, we found none. Therefore, we took it as our responsibility to help people in developing feelings for automobiles. Nobody has the right to talk smack about any car. Keeping this statement in the back of our minds, Online PitStop was created.

The kind of reviews that we do are as informative as anywhere else, more than some places, perhaps.  However, one major difference is the fact that we do not demean cars. Our passion for automobiles is reflected prominently in our articles.  We are sure that our articles will appeal to the heart of every car fanatic out there. It is common knowledge for PETA to hate poachers and nature lovers to hate factories. In a similar way, every car lover does get offended at one point or another, immediately dropping hate in the comments of some article. We assure you, that shall not be the case here. So, what are you waiting for? Build up that boost, rev your engine and get started  right away with our articles and fall in love with cars.

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